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Audi 80 top

Audi 80 top

Audi 80 B4 Convertible Top, buy here, good prize


Time of delivery 1 day
Einzelpreis: 675,81 EUR
675,81 EUR pro 1
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In case of questions do not hesitate to contact us.

The special class AUDI 80 B4 convertible top.

  • The material selected and our modern comforts for methods of fabrication (computer cut, highfrequent welded closured welds) secure a lond lifetime of your new convertible top.
  • The convertible top for your Audi 80 B4 became fabricated according to the original design (I.e. Water channels above windows)
  • During fabrication of the convertible top we pay attention to the accurate measures of the aged pattern.
  • Pattern of colours will be send to you upon your request.
The self assembling of your new convertible Top for your Audi 80 will be supported by our Hotline free of charge to you (in German).

Since 1983 we produce convertible Tops for Cabrios for private clients , Car importers and car producers. As a German Producer (15 employees) it is our requirement to deliver best material quality and best workmanshift.
Our requirement is best quality and best price.

Therefore: Best products must not be expensive. This is cofirmed by our clients.